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Curtin Singapore

Curtin College Diploma Programs

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Students who do not automatically receive entry to the Curtin Singapore bachelor programs can begin their university studies with one of the pathway programs offered on campus by Curtin College.

Curtin College Perth is a pathway provider to Curtin University and is located on the main Curtin campus in Bentley, Western Australia. Curtin College is a registered Australian Higher Education provider offering Diploma programs leading to the second year of the Curtin University bachelor degrees. As a Curtin College student, you have certain rights and responsibilities as articulated in the College’s policies and procedures and relevant legislation. Learn more about Curtin College programs and entry requirements.

Singapore Campus

Curtin College offers a two diplomas leading to the second year of corresponding Curtin bachelor degrees at the Curtin Singapore campus. This pre-university course requires four trimesters of full-time study and is designed to prepare students for a university-level education.

How our pathway programs work