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Enrolment basics

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To study at Curtin Singapore you need to:

  1. Apply for admission into the course of your choice.
  2. If successful the University issues an offer to you for the course.
  3. You then accept the offer.
  4. You are now ready for enrolment and class registration.

Enrolment is the act of selecting units associated with a course and officially registering, or enrolling, in those units at the University. Your enrolment will only be initiated with your authorisation, and the endorsement of the University. In the majority of cases you will be required to complete an enrolment for the whole year of study (changes are acceptable, but it’s important that you change the enrolment by certain dates – see Amending Your Enrolment)

Once enrolled you must activate your OASIS account (if you have not done so previously). It is a condition of your enrolment that you access OASIS regularly to receive official communications from the University via the official communications channel (OCC).

As part of your enrolment you may also be required to login to Student Portal register into your lectures, tutorials and any other course activities.

There are other administrative and legislative requirements that impact your enrolment and some of these depend on your personal circumstances. For example, there are specific enrolment requirements for international students who are studying in Singapore on a Student’s Pass.

It is your responsibility to find out about the requirements that apply to your enrolment and follow them for the duration of your study. You will find everything you need to know by regularly checking your official communications in OASIS and reading the printed material issued to you.