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Curtin Singapore

Changing your details

Changing your address

We require all students to provide up-to-date address details. This ensures we can contact you with important correspondence, such as your liability notice.

If you’re an international student with a student visa, please notify us of your address within seven days of arrival. You’re also required to notify us within seven days of moving to a new address.

The easiest way to update your address details is through eStudent in OASIS. The process is:

  1. Login to OASIS
  2. Select the My Studies & eVALUate tab and click the link to eStudent
  3. Once in eStudent, click on My Contact Details, then My Address Details
  4. Select the address you would like to change using the radio buttons
  5. Now click on Change the selected Address
  6. Type in your new address details
  7. Now click Save at the bottom of the page
  8. A window called ADDRESS DETAILS: Change Details Confirmation will open to confirm the changes have been saved

If you have an exemption to OASIS you can change your address by contacting us either in writing or by telephone.

Changing your name

To change your name in our systems, complete a Change of Personal Details Form and provide original or certified copies of primary documentation (e.g. passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, deed poll). Unfortunately we cannot accept photocopies of certified copies.

If you are a graduating student and need your award conferred in a new name or if your name is spelled incorrectly you need to apply to have your name details changed prior to completing your course. To do so after your award has been conferred will incur a fee.