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Academic status appeals

If you have been placed on Conditional or Terminated status it is possible there were factors outside your control that have affected your work. For this reason, an appeal process is available.

If you wish to appeal against your Conditional or Terminated status, you will need to set out in writing the reasons for your appeal and to include relevant documents that support your claim.

Appeals will only be accepted accompanied by the coversheet:
Appeal Against Decision to Terminate from Course (Not Achieving Satisfactory Course Progress)

Appeals are to be addressed and forwarded to:

Curtin Singapore
Academic Office
90 & 92 Jalan Rajah
Singapore 329162

Alternatively, they may also be lodged by email to

You will need to lodge within 20 working days* of being notified of your Termination status, should you wish your appeal to be considered for the following study period.

* A working day is any day, Monday to Friday excluding University-observed public holidays and the two-week period during which Christmas and New Year fall as per theĀ academic calendar.

If you have been terminated and you require further information regarding the lodgement period, please refer to the details provided on the initial academic status notification sent as an Official Communication via your OASIS account. Appeals received after the appeal deadline will not receive consideration.

Only submit one appeal, as multiple versions of the same appeal will slow down the decision. You will be notified in writing of the outcome via the Official Communication Channel.


Before submitting an appeal, approach the Academic Manager to try and gain a better understanding of why you have been placed on conditional or terminated status.

The Academic Office can help you with structuring the appeal letter, so make an appointment with them as soon as possible after your informal approach to your school.

The Counselling service may also be able to help you with any personal problems that may have resulted with you being placed on conditional or terminated status.

An effective letter of appeal will contain a statement of where you went wrong and changes you have made, or are willing to make, in your approach to study in the future in order to achieve your degree.

Each appeal must include:

Next steps

You are advised to maintain your attendance at lectures and tutorials until you are notified of the outcome of your appeal in writing.

Note that you will not automatically be re-enrolled if your appeal is successful. You must check your enrolment immediately to see if it’s successful, and re-enrol if necessary.

Appeal against assessment

If you are dissatisfied with the mark awarded for an assessment task or the final result for a unit because you feel the mark or result is unfair or incorrect, you may request a review of the mark or final result.

In all cases, the process involves an initial review by either the lecturer, marker or Unit Controller. If you are still dissatisfied after this, you may lodge a formal assessment appeal.

It is expected that most situations can be resolved without the need for a formal appeal.


The process is located in the Student Appeals section of the Assessment and Student Progression Manual.