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Curtin Singapore

Rules and conduct

During the Examination:

  1. Students are required to obey all instructions given by an examination supervisor for the proper conduct of the examination.
  2. Students shall be permitted entry to the examination room on instruction from the examination supervisor.
  3. Unless otherwise directed by the supervisor, students must place all mobile phones (switched off), textbooks, notes, etc. inside their bags, which are to be closed and placed under their desk, between their feet – NOT UNDER THEIR CHAIR OR IN THE AISLE.
  4. Any student whose mobile phone rings during an examination may be fined such an amount as approved by the Director, Student Services.
  5. No food or drink, with the exception of bottled water, shall be consumed in the examination venue.
  6. “NO ID, NO EXAM”. All Curtin Singapore students are required to produce their Student ID card in all examinations and must place the card on their desk where it may be clearly seen by supervisors.
  7. Upon entering the examination venue, students may complete the cover page of the answer booklet and the attendance card, but must not otherwise make any notes or begin writing in the answer booklet until advised by the supervisor.
  8. No student shall:
    • Be admitted to the room after the first hour has expired
    • Leave the room until one hour of the examination has expired
    • Leave the room during the last fifteen minutes of the examination
    • Be re-admitted to the examination room after they have left unless, during the full period of their absence, they have been under approved supervision
    • Be left unsupervised or unattended at any time
  9. If for any reason the examination commences late, the students shall not be disadvantaged. The full reading time and duration shall not be reduced.
  10. A mandatory reading time of ten minutes shall apply for all examinations, irrespective of the duration of the examination.
    This reading time is additional to the specified duration time of the examination paper.
  11. During reading time, students may write notes. Where the students may write notes will be indicated on the front cover of the examination paper. If the examination paper is also to be used to write answers, the students may be provided with additional coloured paper (enclosed with examination materials). Please ensure students write their name and ID number on the coloured paper and it is collected and returned with the answer booklet/examination script(s).
  12. During an examination a student shall not:
    • Communicate with any other student
    • By any improper means obtain, or endeavour to obtain assistance in their work, give, or endeavour to give assistance to any other students or commit any breach of good order
    • Behave in such a manner as to disturb other students
  13. If a student is found in possession of any unauthorised material during an examination, this may be deemed as misconduct and they may face disciplinary action. After the unauthorised material has been confiscated, the student shall be allowed to continue the examination. In order to maintain ideal conditions for all other students, no discussion will be entered into. The student’s answer booklet should be kept separate and submitted to the area organising the examination with a written report on all observations made by the supervisor. The student shall be allowed the opportunity to submit in writing their account of the incident.
  14. Students requiring a supervisor’s attention should raise a hand until attended.
  15. If students think that there is an error or omission in the examination paper they shall report this to the supervisor. All reasonable efforts will be made to contact the Examiner to clarify the issue. In the absence of the Examiner, the student shall make suitable notations in their answer booklet. The supervisor shall provide no ruling.
  16. If an answer booklet is provided to the student for use during the examination, all students MUST hand in an answer booklet with their completed personal details on the front cover irrespective of whether or not the student has attempted any section of the examination paper.
  17. Where a student has been provided with additional answer booklets or paper for notes, all booklets and paper must be collected at the conclusion of the examination.
  18. At the conclusion of the examination, all students must remain seated until all answer booklets and attendance cards have been collected and counted by the supervisors. Students must wait to be excused by the supervisor.
  19. Discussion between supervisors during an examination should be restricted to that which is necessary for the proper conduct of the examination and should be held as far away from students as possible, so that the students are not distracted.

What do I bring to an exam?

Please check the exams rules for a list of what you can and cannot bring to an exam. Your unit outline/FLECS Blackboard will also notify you if you are allowed to bring any study aids/book/notes to an exam. If you are unsure please check with your lecturer.

What if I have a clash in exams?

Students with examination clashes (two or more at the same time) or three examinations in one calendar day shall not be required to take more than two examinations, or any other assessment activity whether centrally administered or not, on the same day. A student with two examinations scheduled on the same day will have a break between examinations.

A student with three or more examinations scheduled on one calendar day may elect to sit one of the examinations at a time prior to the official scheduled time, upon consultation and approval from their School.

If a student has an examination clash after the publication of the final timetable, a clash form (available from Reception) is to be completed by the student, authorised by the Academic department and an appropriate alternative examination arrangement will be made.

The deadline for the submission of the authorised clash form to the Academic Office is two weeks prior to the commencement of the final examination period.

What if I miss an exam?

If you miss an exam due to ill health or other extenuating circumstances please contact the Academic Manager through campus reception on the first floor. An Application for Deferred Assessment form must be completed and submitted to reception with a valid medical certificate within five working days from the formal assessment date.