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Supplementary and deferred examinations

Supplementary examinations

Supplementary examinations may be approved by the Board of Examiners if you have attempted all assessments in a unit but have not received a passing grade in that unit. You must receive a grade of 45-49 per cent and have reached a semester weighted average grade of 50 per cent or over to be awarded a supplementary examination.

Check your results on OASIS to see if you have been granted a supplementary examination for any failed units. This will be denoted by an X grade on your results list.

If you pass this exam, you will receive a PX grade. If you fail, your original mark will stand.

Note: Supplementary exams are marked out of 100 per cent. If awarded a supplementary exam, you must sit this exam at the scheduled time and will not be permitted to defer the exam under any circumstances.

Deferred exams and tests

Deferred assessments may be approved under compassionate or medical grounds and must be requested on the deferred assessment form and supported by appropriate documentation. The request must be submitted to campus reception no later than five working days after the original assessment date.

You will be advised of the dates of the Supplementary and Deferred examinations at least one week prior to the start of the examination period. You must not make any other arrangements during this period which could prevent you from completing these assessments.

The percentage grade weight and topics for the deferred exams will be notified on FLECS-Blackboard or via your unit outline. NO deferrals of deferred exams will be granted under any circumstances.