Curtin Singapore
Curtin Singapore

Fees and charges

Non tuition fees

FPS Insurance* TBA
Annual Medical Insurance Premium* $46.01 per year
Administrative Fee for local students* $150.00
Administrative Fee for international students* $500.00
ICA Processing Fee* $30.00
Multiple Journey Visa Fee* $30.00
Student’s Pass Issuance Fee* $60.00
Multi-purpose student card* $10.00
Late Payment Fee* $160.00
Weekly Late Payment Fee* $100.00
Access Fee for Business Capstone 301* $90.00
Trimester Campus Parking Permit $5.00
Replacement of Lost Campus Parking Permit $10.00

* Inclusive of 7% GST

Photocopying charges

Black & White (per page)* $0.10
Colour (per page)* $1.00

* Inclusive of 7% GST

Issue of receipts

We will issue you with an official receipt for every payment you make. The receipt will indicate the total amount paid with a detailed breakdown of what the payment is for.