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If you are a current student you have access to your enrolment and academic information through OASIS. You can simply log on to OASIS and follow the links from eStudent. The Academic Record and Enrolment Advice available through OASIS will be suitable for most situations.

If you require official notification of your results, your enrolment, or your course completion, the Customer Service Unit (Perth) provides a number of official documents pertaining to your enrolment status and academic record at Curtin Singapore.

The documents are:

Academic Transcript

The official University record of a student’s results printed on official University transcript paper.

A full complimentary Academic Transcript will be sent to all graduating students following the conferral of their degree by Council, which occurs in February and September each year. The conferral date and the award number will appear on the transcript from this date. Any transcript obtained prior to conferral will not contain this information.

Letter of Course Completion

A letter which states the course you were enrolled in and that you have met all competencies of that course, printed on University letterhead. This letter can be produced at any time after the final result publication date for the final study period in which you were enrolled.

A complimentary Letter of Course Completion will be sent to all graduating students with the Notification to Graduate, which occurs in the weeks following result publication.

Letter to Confirm Enrolment

A letter which states the course you are enrolled in and the periods for which you are or were enrolled printed on University letterhead. The letter can include previous, current and future study periods, as long as you have an official enrolment during that time. The letter can be produced at any time.

Obtaining an Academic Transcript, Letter to Confirm Enrolment, and Letter of Course Completion

There is a cost for each document which will be provided to you at the time of your request.

If you would like one of these documents you can submit an order to the Customer Service Unit in Student Central (Perth) or email

We require information specific to you and your enrolment in order to accept and process your request. You must include the following details:

If you have a sanction or exclusion placed on your record you are required to rectify it before we will provide you with your requested document.

In all other cases the Customer Service Unit (Perth) will provide the documents for telephone and email requests within 48 business hours (please allow time for delivery).