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Available IT services

Printing and copying

Photocopiers are located in the library and are available for use during library opening hours.

Remember there are legal restrictions on how much of a single text you can photocopy and that breaching the law can result in serious penalties.

The print charge per page is 10 cents per A4 page and $1 per colour A4 page.

Printing costs are based on printing one A4 page. Printing on both sides (duplex) costs the same as printing two pages.

When you log into the network, your username allows the system to automatically identify how much credit you have remaining. As long as you have credit, you can print. To photocopy, first scan your card as per the instructions on the swipe terminal, then enter the number of photocopies you want. When you are finished, remember to log out to ensure that your credits cannot be used by the next user.

To avoid jamming the printers, please wait until the printer/copier has stopped processing before removing your print/copy job.

Your print job does not take priority over anyone else’s so please wait patiently for the machine to finish.


Wireless Internet access is available on campus ground.

To access computers on campus or access the wireless Curtin Singapore network, you will require a username and password. In order to access the wireless network for the first time, you will be required to log on to the campus computers (Located in the Library and Computer Labs) first. For subsequent access this step is not required, unless you have requested your password to be reset.

Your username will be your 8-digit Curtin Singapore student ID number. When you log into a computer or the wireless network for the first time your password will be your date of birth backwards (YYYYMMDD).

For example:

Students will be required to change their password after they log on for the first time. Curtin Singapore regulates the use of internet by recording how much each user downloads. Generally, all downloads are free of charge. However, usage will be monitored for any excessive downloading. If you have excessive downloads, you will be contacted by the IT department for the relevant arrangements.

Examples of websites that can use your download allocation quickly are:

Credit cards or cheques are not accepted payment methods for any IT services. No money is accepted by the IT Department at any time.