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There are 56 computers in the computer labs and 16 computers in the library available for you to use for word processing, internet browsing, emailing and other general software applications during operating hours. You can login to the computers using your valid Curtin ID and password.

The computer lab opening hours are from 8am to 10pm daily (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays).

You are obliged to obey the IT Rules & Regulations governing the use of the workstations in the Computer Lab and Library before using the workstations.

Wireless (WiFi) access in the library

Wireless coverage in the library is available throughout the building, and most recent laptops will be able to connect. If there are any cold spots it is unfortunate but if you move around a little or change direction you should get access. We have wireless spots almost all over the campus so if you are near a wall you may get access from one of the points outside the library.

Group discussion room

Location: Library

Three air-conditioned group discussion rooms equipped with projectors are available for your use. Each group must have at least two members in order to be eligible to use the rooms. Bookings of the discussion rooms may be made at the Library Counter using your Curtin Singapore Student ID card. Please refer to the Group Discussion Room FAQ for more information.

Common study room

Location: Common study room (Block C, near the student lounge)

The common study room is for you to study and revise during operating hours. Please respect other users in this room by lowering your voice and keeping your conversations brief. Do not leave your belongings unattended at this room. Tables and chairs are not to be removed from their place.

Opening hours

During study period

Monday – Saturday 8.00am – 10.00pm
Sunday (4 weeks prior to examination period) 8.00am – 10.00pm
Sunday and public holidays CLOSED

During inter-study break period (Trimester 1A)

Monday – Sunday CLOSED
Public holidays CLOSED

Reading area

Location: Library (Block B, 1st floor)

The reading area in the library is a designed quiet zone. This area is reserved for reading and individual studying activities, and must be completely quiet.

Other services

User education

The library offers instruction and training on the use of OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and other information resources on an individual basis, as well as in groups. The instructional sessions aim to equip you with information search skills for lifelong learning, and teach you to make efficient use of the various electronic resources available in the Bentley Library.

Library orientation

Library orientation is usually held in conjunction with the orientation program for new students. The aim of the session is to provide an overview of the resources, services and facilities in the library. For enquiries, please email

Information skills workshop

This is an extension of library orientation and is carried out at the beginning of a new term for students. The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of basic library skills. For enquiries, please email

Reference by appointment

Reference by appointment is a one-on-one meeting with the librarian, who will provide in-depth assistance tailored to your research needs. The librarian will discuss approaches to doing research on your topic, identify relevant sources for you to get started and provide individualised training on the use of recommended sources. For enquiries, please email

Printing and photocopying services

Location: Library (Block B, 1st floor)

Three network printers cum photocopiers are located at the library for you to use during library operating hours. Payment is made using your Curtin Singapore Student ID card.

You can top up (place credit) your Curtin Singapore Student ID Card at the Library Counter. Minimum and maximum value to top up are SGD2 and SGD20 respectively, which is non-refundable.

The charges for printing and photocopying services are as follows:

Printing and Photocopying Service Charges
A4 in Black & White SGD0.10 per page
A4 in Colour SGD1.00 per page
A3 in Black & White SGD0.20 per page
A3 in Colour SGD1.50 per page

You are required to observe the Singapore Copyright Act when making photocopies. Photocopying and reproducing from books, periodicals (journals), etc. constitute infringements of copyright unless the acts fall within the exceptions.Singapore copyright act

There is a fair dealing exception for:

If your copying exceed the limits allowed under the Copyright Act, the University will not be liable for any infringement of copyright action which may be taken against you. In this event, you will be personally liable.

Book recommendations for purchase

Staff and students are welcome to recommend materials for purchase to meet the teaching, learning and research needs of the University. You may use the Library Recommendation Form or email us at

External membership

There is no external membership available at this time.