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Finding accommodation

Congratulations on accepting your offer to study with Curtin Singapore. We understand that moving to a new country can be difficult, and we aim to provide you with impartial information about housing options.

We’d be delighted to assist with applications for locating off campus accommodation. We maintain a list of approved agents who help locate ideal student accommodation near the campus.

A range of off campus accommodation is available near our campus, generally divided into rental (whole property), share (room rental), or homestay.

Where can you live

All off campus accommodation falls into the following types:

Property rental, where you rent a complete vacant property, furnished or unfurnished. This is ideal if you arrive in Singapore and are willing to move in with friends or other students. This accommodation choice is best made after your arrival in Singapore only as it may take a few days before you move in. It makes sense to form a group of those willing to take up a whole unit and then view options at hand. The general costs involved with this includes one month rental refundable deposit, one month rental upfront and a half month towards an agent commission. You may make enquiries for this at the Accommodation desk during Orientation.


Room rental, where you take a room at a property where other people already live. You may be living with students, families or others who live nearby and have a spare room. Property rental or share housing can be furnished or unfurnished and may or may not include expenses such as electricity. You may choose to have your own room or share your room with another person.

We have a list of possible room rentals, and we can help you find one during Orientation.


Note: There is a good range of accommodation near the campus. Quality ranges from new luxury, to older and more basic housing. Of course this will be reflected in the price along with convenience, security, etc. If you pay at the upper end, you would expect a newer house with your own bathroom. Despite the occasional bargain very little reasonable single room accommodation can be found for less than S$800 per month.

Homestay, where you generally live with a family and meals are provided. This option is always furnished with expenses included.


Short term accommodation is often in very high demand near the campus. It should also be remembered that short term accommodation is likely to be far more expensive than long term options. Most of the local short term providers are not within walking distance, but most will be only a five to ten minute taxi ride or short bus ride away. Most students initially check in at private off campus hostels.

Signing a rental contract

Since all off campus accommodation is privately owned and not controlled by us, you really need to see a place before signing. Please do not sign for accommodation from overseas. Do not ask your friends to find accommodation before you arrive. Many students put pressure on those already living here to find accommodation for them or sign up for accommodation before they arrive. This is understandable, because students and parents are concerned about finding accommodation, but it is not a good idea.

Every year some students get into trouble with this. Often students arrive and find the place is not what they thought, or that they could have got cheaper or better easily. We are dedicated to finding off campus accommodation for students very quickly, especially for those new to Singapore, so it is not worth the risk to take a place unseen from overseas. Most new students find suitable long term accommodation in two or three working days. It is rare for accommodation to take longer than a week.

When you decide to take accommodation you will usually sign a contract. Rental contracts are usually standard. Room only contracts may be more informal. Some people renting rooms do not ask for a contract, but it is always advisable to have the terms in writing. In the end, don’t worry; we are always there to advise you if there is a dispute.