Curtin Annual Student Satisfaction (CASS) Survey

The Curtin Annual Student Satisfaction (CASS) survey was introduced in 2002 to assess students’ satisfaction with their experience at Curtin, including their campus life and available services and facilities.

There are variants of CASS tailored to the experience of students at various campuses: Perth, Perth city, Midland, Kalgoorlie, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius, and offshore partners.

What are the results used for?

The aggregated data from CASS:

  • Serves as a source of information for making improvements and cater for unmet needs.
  • Allows for internal and external performance benchmarking across years and also against other universities/external agencies.
  • Informs initiatives to improve students’ experience, which are summarised on Curtin Singapore’s Response to Student Feedback below.

Campus Facilities Upgrade/Improvement

  • Relocation of Student Central to central main lobby for convenient accessibility to all students
  • New carpet tiles replacement for library, student lounge, classrooms, walkways, and staircases
  • Campus-wide new exterior painting work for refreshed look
  • Refurnished Block A and Block D lounges for more comfortable experience
  • Resurfaced and levelled basketball court with new basketball hoops

New Campus Facilities

  • New vending machine at Block A to make sure food and drinks are readily available in various locations
  • New modular seats at main entrance lobby at Block D for students

Course Delivery Facilities Upgrade/Improvement

  • New recreation room for students at Block A (upcoming)
  • New distributed learning classrooms for more interactive study experience
  • New collaborative learning space for flipped learning lesson delivery
  • Additional study space for students at Block A Rm 4.5 (upcoming)

IT Services Upgrade

  • New PCs and projectors are installed in computer labs for enhanced study experience
  • Wi-Fi bandwidth has been upgraded to provide better connectivity

Improved Staff Services

  • New librarians were recruited to offer quality services to students

Student Services

  • Continuous cross-department trainings are carried out, especially for Student Central team, to provide excellent one-stop services to students