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Learning Support

A range of workshops are organised each trimester to help students develop essential study skills, enhance knowledge, maximise online tools and get ready for their careers.

Study Skills Workshops

Time Management & Effective Learning Strategies
Time management is an essential skill for you to become successful university students. It is often correlated to the effectiveness of your learning strategies. If you know how to TIME yourself, learning becomes significant and valuable.

Academic Writing & Assignments
There’s more to academic writing than meets the eye. It’s not just focused on the depth of your content but also on proper organization of ideas into one cohesive and coherent composition. It also requires language fitting for an academic audience. More importantly, you have to employ relevant strategies to avoid plagiarism. If you know how to WRITE the right way, completion of assignments becomes polished and proficient.

Library Workshops

Finding Peer-Reviewed Journals and Techniques on Database Searching
Learn the basics of finding peer-reviewed journals and discover how to find the right databases relevant to your subject or discipline. Learn database searching techniques and create search strategies to get better results.

Organise Your Research with EndNote Online
Discover how to organise and manage references using EndNote Online and create reference lists or bibliographies. Learn how to collect, store and format in-text citation for your research or assignment.

How To Avoid Plagiarism
Understand what is plagiarism, the different types and levels at Curtin University and its consequences. Learn what you can do to avoid plagiarism.

Organize Your Research with EndNote X7
Discover how you can create your own personal database of references. Learn how to use EndNoteX7 in conjunction with Microsoft Word document. Learn how to create in-text citation and bibliography at the end of your document.

Career Development Workshops

Learn how to network effectively
Networking effectively means more than just turning up for an event. Find out how you can leave an impression when you meet people for the first time and open doors for future opportunities.

Learn to write a resume
The resume is your own personal advertisement. Learn how to craft a good resume that ‘sells’ you to employers.

Creating a cover letter
Create a powerful cover letter by using the right techniques to make an impact on an employer.

Impressing at interviews
Find out what how you are evaluated at interviews. From your attire to non-verbal communication; the evaluation starts from the moment you walk in through the door.

How to use LinkedIn effectively
LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to build your own personal “brand” and help you engage future employers. Get to know how you can get the most of this platform and what are some of LinkedIn’s lesser known features that you can use to give you a competitive edge.