Provide feedback to Curtin

Lodge a complaint, compliment, or report an incident or concern.


University complaints and feedback

Curtin Singapore welcomes any feedback from all students, staff, and stakeholders. Such feedback includes, but not limited to, the following:

  1. dissatisfaction with the provision of services or products;
  2. compliments in relation to the provision of services or products;
  3. inappropriate, illegal, or criminal behaviour or work practices by staff, students, contractors, suppliers etc.; and
  4. breaches of policies, procedures, legislation, or rules by staff, students, contractors, suppliers etc.

If you have a complaint, you are encouraged, in the first instance, to seek resolution directly with our staff. At any point however, you may lodge your complaint or provide feedback to Curtin Singapore via the following channels:

  1. Complete a Feedback Form and email it to
  2. Phone call at +65 6593 8000

Useful resources

All feedback cases received by Curtin Singapore via the above-mentioned channels are handled in compliant with:

Note: All personal information is handled in accordance with the Curtin Singapore Confidentiality and Security Policy. Further information on this policy is available at Confidentiality and Security Policy.