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Attending orientation

What is orientation?

Orientation is a fun and informative way of preparing you for classes at Curtin Singapore. Your attendance is essential for you to make the best possible start when the teaching weeks begin.

Orientation normally runs at least one week before class commencement. We run different sessions for our local and international students and it is advisable to check your scheduled timing with us. International students will normally receive orientation information along with their student pass confirmation. For local students, depending whether you are a part time or a full time student, you will be advised by email or you may directly contact us at +65 6593 8000 for more details.

Why should I attend orientation?

Orientation is designed to help you make the best start at Curtin Singapore. It’s a great way to help familiarise yourself with the campus, meet other students, talk to teaching staff, locate classrooms, learn about the library, learn about your and our responsibilities, discover Curtin Singapore’s social networks and much, much more.

It’s also the time where you receive advice from our staff to help build your study plan, choose and enrol in units and pick up your trimester/semester timetable.