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Curtin Singapore has a network of registered agents all over the world who can help you apply for a course.

A Curtin registered agent can provide you with information about courses, entry requirements, campus facilities and visas, as well as advice about living in Singapore.

For an easy transition into study with us, an agent will lodge your application and support you through the admission process by answering any queries that you may have along the way.

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Agents code of conduct

As a student looking to avail the services of a Curtin Singapore approved agent, you have the right to know about the code of conduct signed between Curtin Singapore and the agent. Should your agent fail to adhere to any aspect of the below code of conduct, please contact Curtin Singapore at

Terms and Conditions

1.0 Representative Obligation

An agent of Curtin Singapore is expected to abide by the highest ethical standards and comply with any applicable laws and regulations in Singapore regulating Agents and the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act. Should an agent act unethically or is deemed to be in breach of any applicable law and regulations in Singapore and the Consumer Protection Act, the authority to represent Curtin Singapore will be revoked in writing.

2.0 Curtin Singapore Agent’s Responsibilities 

2.1  The Agent agrees to provide the following services: 

  1. promote Curtin Singapore and its courses/units with integrity and accuracy and recruit students in an honest, ethical and responsible manner;
  2. inform prospective students accurately about the requirements of the courses/units. This can only be done by reference to the material provided by Curtin Singapore;
  3. must follow the Curtin Singapore Pre-Course Counselling procedure when meeting with potential students and ensure all specified areas of information are covered;
  4. assist to uphold the high reputation of Curtin Singapore and of the Singapore private education sector;
  5. advise prospective students that they are required to provide to Curtin Singapore an address (other than the agent’s address);
  6. if a Student’s Pass application is refused or a student changes his/her decision about studying at Curtin Singapore after accepting the offer, advise the student that Curtin Singapore will refund the tuition fees in accordance with its refund policy;
  7. make sure that all necessary evidence and documents accompany a student’s application or acceptance of offer;
  8. provide Curtin Singapore with market intelligence relevant to student recruitment activities;
  9. not to undertake promotional and marketing activities that make reference Curtin Singapore without the express authority of Curtin Singapore;
  10. provide prospective students with the most up to date information and promotional material, both physical and electronic;
  11. must assist students with the execution of the STANDARD PEI-STUDENT CONTRACT by ensuring that students are briefed about every clause on each page. The agent will refer to and play to the contract video provided by Curtin Singapore to every student who intends to study at Curtin Singapore.

2.2 The Agent must give to prospective students, before they complete an application, information about: 

  1. Curtin Singapore facilities, equipment and learning resources;
  2. the courses/units offered, the course/unit fees and refund policies;
  3. living in Singapore, including information about the campus location and costs of living;
  4. the minimum level of English language ability and educational qualifications required for acceptance into a course/unit;
  5. Student’s Pass requirements which must be satisfied by the student;
  6. total fees payable, both tuition fees and non-tuition fees;
  7. EduTrust and Committee for Private Education (CPE);
  8. Fee Protection Scheme insurance and Medical insurance related information;
  9. refund policy;
  10. transfer and withdrawal policy;
  11. student support services available at Curtin Singapore;
  12. accommodation assistance.

2.3 The Agent must tell prospective students that:

  1. international students who come to Singapore must study on a full-time basis;
  2. international students who come to Singapore on a Student’s Pass are not permitted to engage in any form of employment or attend an industrial attachment/internship program, whether paid or unpaid, without a valid work pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower;
  3. Curtin Singapore may report to the relevant authority any student who does not attend at least 90% of timetabled classes or who is not making satisfactory progress in their studies.

2.4 The Agent must not: 

  1. engage in any dishonest practices, including suggesting to prospective students that they can come to Singapore on a Student’s Pass with a primary purpose other than full-time study;
  2. facilitate applications for students who do not comply with Student’s Pass requirements;
  3. make any representations or offer any guarantees to students about whether they will be granted a Student’s Pass;
  4. engage in false or misleading advertising or recruitment practices;
  5. offer discounts and/or scholarships without prior written permission from Curtin Singapore;
  6. collect any tuition or non-tuition fees from potential students. All payments are to be made directly to Curtin Singapore;
  7. make any false or misleading comparisons with any other education provider or their courses/units;
  8. make any inaccurate claims of association of Curtin Singapore with any other education provider;
  9. give inaccurate information to a prospective student about acceptance into a course/unit for which they applied or into any other course/unit;
  10. undertake any advertising or promotional activity on behalf of Curtin Singapore in general, or the courses/units offered by Curtin Singapore without the prior written consent of Curtin Singapore. Advertising or promotional activities will be at the expense of The Agent unless otherwise agreed in writing by Curtin Singapore in advance;
  11. give inaccurate information to a prospective student about the fees and charges payable to Curtin Singapore;
  12. modify Curtin Singapore’s offer letter or other official documents in anyway;
  13. levy an application fee or other administration fee other than that stated on Curtin Singapore’s Letter of Offer and Student Contract;
  14. engage in “bait and switch” advertising or similar unfair practices

2.5 The Agent is not permitted to:

  1. commit Curtin Singapore to accept any prospective student into a course/unit and must not make representations to the contrary;
  2. use any registered or unregistered Mark or trademark of Curtin Singapore without the prior written consent of Curtin Singapore.

3.0 Confidentiality 

3.1 The Agent must keep confidential:

  1. all information provided by the student, the prospective student and Curtin Singapore, other than to the extent disclosure is required to perform the services in accordance with this agreement.