A scholarship at Curtin Singapore can offer you great opportunities. It will enhance your learning experience through financial support, so that you have the potential to graduate with skills and networks that will help you make tomorrow better.


The Curtin Singapore Academic Scholarship program awards eligible students a scholarship for the following programs:

International Students 

  • Diploma of Arts & Creative Industries (Stage 1)
  • Diploma of Arts & Creative Industries (Stage 2)
  • Diploma of Commerce (Stage 1)
  • Diploma of Commerce (Stage 2)
  • Diploma of Information Technology (Stage 1)
  • Diploma of Information Technology (Stage 2)
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Computing (Cyber Security)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (Data Science)
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Supply Chain Management (Professional)

Terms and conditions

  • Relevant academic and English entry requirements must be met to be eligible for the scholarship
  • Eligible students are entitled to a 25% scholarship of the first 200 credits of their first enrolled program
  • Eligible students with an offer for Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Master of Supply Chain Management (Professional) are entitled to a 25% scholarship of the first 200 credits of the Master of Supply Chain Management (Professional) program
  • The scholarship amount will be credited in the second trimester tuition fee instalment
  • Students are not eligible if they receive Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) into their respective program
  • The scholarship is only available for new commencements in Trimester 1A (February 2023), Trimester 2A (July 2023) and Trimester 3A (November 2023).
  • The scholarship is not deferrable to any commencements beyond the trimester intakes above
  • The number of scholarships available is limited and not all eligible students may receive an award
  • Students must accept their Letter of Offer within five (5) business days; otherwise, the scholarship will be removed and made available to the next eligible recipient
  • Students in receipt of any other scholarship/bursary from Curtin Singapore will not be eligible for this scholarship
  • To retain eligibility for the scholarship (unless there are exceptional circumstances), the recipient must remain enrolled in the initial course (with exception of the major) and maintain a full-time enrolment for each trimester at Curtin Singapore
  • Students who apply for Leave of Absence will not be eligible for the scholarship upon their return
  • Students who withdraw or terminated from the course will not be eligible for the continuation of the scholarship
  • The scholarship is not transferable into any other course or at other Curtin University campuses
  • Curtin Singapore reserves the right to vary or add to any of these terms and conditions at its discretion with adequate notice

Contact Curtin Singapore at for more information.