Diploma of English for Academic Purposes

The Diploma of English for Academic Purposes provides direct entry to pathway, undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Curtin Singapore. Students are taught at Curtin Singapore Campus and have full access to campus facilities.

The Diploma consists of four 10-week units: two General English modules and two Academic English units.

Navitas English pathways

General English

The General English courses prepare students wishing to improve their all-round English language with real-world English skills that they can use anywhere; as well as prepare students for the Academic English units.

Study skills developed include:

You will focus on the basic elements involved in English communication, i.e. the macro skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and the language systems (vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation). You will also be prepared to progress on to the Academic English units.

Course assessments

You will be assessed on a continuous basis through a combination of progress tests, speaking and writing tasks and participation. You must pass with an overall grade of 60 per cent.

Progress tests: 60%
Writing: 20%
Speaking: 20%

Academic English

The Academic English courses provide direct entry to pathway, undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Curtin Singapore. Students are taught at Curtin Singapore Campus and have full access to campus facilities.

Study skills developed include:

  • Academic study and assessment skills – You will be taught critical thinking, research techniques, exam skills and how to avoid plagiarism.
  • Academic writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills – You will learn how to plan and write Australian-style academic texts such as research reports and essays. You will be taught how to read for context and expand your vocabulary, and also learn how to plan and deliver an academic seminar with appropriate grammar and vocabulary. You will also learn how to take notes in lectures and summarise the meaning.

Course assessments

You will be assessed through a combination of examinations, a research report, a research essay, a seminar presentation and/or a case study. You must obtain at least a 50 per cent pass result in each assessment. Only one assessment task may be resubmitted, and the maximum score for resubmitted tasks is 50 per cent.

Entry requirement

Cut-off scores

- Minimum GPA 60% from General English 1
- IELTS (academic) 3.5 overall
- TOEFL iBT 42
- Minimum GPA 60% from General English 2
- IELTS (academic) 4.5 overall, writing 4.5, other bands 4.0
- TOEFL iBT 53, writing minimum 11
- Minimum GPA 60% from General English 3
- IELTS (academic) 5.0 overall, writing 5.0, other bands 4.5
- TOEFL iBT 61, writing minimum 13
- A GPA of 50% or above from Academic English 2
- IELTS (academic) 5.5 overall, writing 5.5, other bands 5.0
- TOEFL iBT 71, writing minimum 15

Class size

Maximum 19 students.

Study hours

Weekly duration

There are 20 contact hours and 4 hours of MyStudy (supervised self-study) per week. Classes are held from Monday to Friday with two different study schedules.

Intake start dates

Study periodOrientation weekStart dateEnd date
DE20013 February 202010 February 202017 April 2020
DE200213 April 202020 April 202026 June 2020
DE200329 June 20206 July 202011 September 2020
DE200414 September 202021 September 202027 November 2020
DE200523 November 202030 November 20205 February 2021
DE210115 February 202122 February 202130 April 2021
DE2102*5 April 202112 April 202118 June 2021
DE21033 May 202110 May 202116 July 2021
DE210419 July 202126 July 20211 October 2021
DE21054 October 202111 October 202117 December 2021

*For students studying 10 weeks only.

Course fees

Tuition fee

Diploma of English for Academic PurposesS$3,450 per unit

Material fee


Non-tuition fee

Administration fee (International students)S$600
Administration fee (Local students)S$150
Medical insurance*S$43.87
Fee Protection Scheme insurance**Course dependent

All fees are inclusive of 7% GST. Fees listed are indicative and subject to annual increases.

*Medical insurance will cover students warded in a hospital or requiring surgical procedures. The policy will reimburse on hospital charges and only covers treatments in Singapore restructured hospitals and B2 class wards. Local students may opt out of the medical insurance if they can provide proof of adequate medical insurance coverage. Payment is applicable per course and during Student Contract renewal or extension.

** The Fee protection scheme (FPS) aims to protect students’ paid fees in accordance with a master insurance policy, standard student contract and the Curtin Singapore refund policy.

View our fees and charges page for full details.