Students may begin their university studies with one of the pathway programs offered on campus by Curtin College.

Curtin College Perth is a pathway provider to Curtin University and is located on the main Curtin campus in Perth, Western Australia. As a Curtin College student, you have certain rights and responsibilities as articulated in the College’s policies and procedures and relevant legislation.

The Curtin College Diploma has two stages: Diploma (Stage 1) and Diploma (Stage 2). Where you start will depend on your qualifications.

Students who have already completed Year 12 (or equivalent) may start with the Stage 2 Diploma, which has the same course content and structure as year one of the corresponding Curtin University undergraduate degree. Upon completion of your Diploma, you will progress directly into the second year of your Curtin University Bachelor’s degree program.

Students who are not eligible for entry into the Stage 2 Diploma or have completed Year 11 (or equivalent) may complete the Stage 1 Diploma prior, which includes eight pre-university level units studied over two trimesters.

Diploma pathway