Vision, strategic positioning and values

Our vision

Working in partnership we will make a difference for people and our planet.

Our strategic positioning

Curtin Singapore is the globally recognised, regionally relevant university of choice for students, staff, and our communities.

Our values

  • Integrity – to act ethically, honestly and with fairness
  • Respect – to listen, value and acknowledge
  • Courage – to lead, take responsibility and question
  • Excellence – to strive for excellence and distinction
  • Impact – to empower, enable and inspire

At all times the educational interests of the students will be held in high regard. Students and staff are expected to be aware of Curtin Singapore’s vision, strategic positioning and values.

Our culture

Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you’ll find Curtin to be a friendly and relaxed place where respect for one another is a part of everyday life. Curtin is a culturally diverse community where you will be accepted and treated fairly.

At Curtin, everything we do is designed with one overarching goal in mind: to have a positive effect on our students and the wider community. In order to achieve that goal we provide students and staff with a welcoming environment that’s founded on our five core values.

Our commitment to equal opportunity is reflected in a range of policies and support services to ensure all students and staff, irrespective of race, gender, beliefs or culture, receive fair and just treatment.

Overall responsibility

The overarching responsibility for ensuring the currency and appropriateness of the designated culture lies with the Executive Committee. In addition, the Executive Committee has responsibility for ensuring the incorporation of the Curtin Singapore culture throughout the various organisational departments.


Induction of staff

Each new staff member shall undertake an induction process at the commencement of their employment which will include details of the desired culture of the campus. It is expected that staff who have contact with students or external parties are fully aware of the desired culture.

Reinforcement of the culture

The Executive Committee shall establish a process to review the understanding of staff of the desired culture on a regular basis – not less than six-monthly. This will include such matters as regular meetings of staff to reinforce the importance of the Curtin Singapore culture.