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Accepting your offer

After successful application submission, you should receive your Letter of Offer through email and in addition to your letter of offer, your admission kit should contain the following:

To accept your offer, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Accept Your Offer

Kindly note that payment should NOT be made until all conditions have been met.

Step 2: Sign Your Standard Student Contract

International students

A Standard PEI-Student Contract will be emailed to you upon the receipt of the completed Acceptance of Offer form. You will also be provided a video guide explaining the contract details to you. It is important that you read through the contract carefully. Please note that if you are under 18 years of age, the Standard PEI-Student Contract has to be signed by you and your parent/guardian.

You have to bring 2 sets of original signed Standard PEI-Student Contract when reporting to Curtin Singapore.

Local students

On the Acceptance of Offer form, you are required to indicate your preferred date and time to meet with an Admissions Officer at Curtin Singapore campus to sign the Standard PEI-Student Contract and make payment. Please note that if you are under 18 years of age, the Standard PEI-Student Contract has to be signed by your parent/guardian.

Step 3: Make Tuition Fee Payment

After you have read and signed the Standard Student Contract, you are advised to make your tuition fee payment within 7 days. The tuition fee amount is indicated in your Letter of Offer. Find out how to pay your fees here.

For international students only

All international students are required to have a valid Student’s Pass while studying in Singapore. The processing time for Student’s Pass application by Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) will take approximately 2-4 weeks and please familiarise yourself with our Student’s Pass application process.

Step 4: Orientation Week

Nearer to the intake start date, you will receive an Orientation email invitation. Orientation normally runs at least one week before class commencement. We run different sessions for local and international students and details will be included in the Orientation email invitation. It is important for you to register and attend your orientation as this is the time where you receive advice from Curtin Singapore staff to help build your study plan, choose units and enrol in them and pick up your trimester timetable.


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