Scanned documents and certification requirements and guidelines

Please follow the requirements and guidelines below when providing scanned or certified documents for your Admission and/or Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) application.

How to correctly scan your documents

  • Scan the original document in colour.
  • Scan the document upright and at its original size – cropped, tilted, skewed, distorted and/or incomplete will not be accepted.
  • If a document has more than one page, scan all pages – incomplete documents will not be accepted.
  • If a document has markings or text on both sides of the document, include both sides.
  • The resolution of the scans must enable the text; in particular fine or small size text, punctuation, and decimal points to be legible.
  • It is recommended that scans be named to reflect the type of document. Example: A University Academic Transcript scanned in .pdf format may be named transcript_university.pdf.

Who can certify documents

Please follow the guidelines below if you are required to submit certified documents in hardcopy. If you are submitting documents electronically, you must use the scanned documents requirements and guidelines above.

  • Any academic or administrative staff member located at a Curtin University Campus or Partner Institution
  • An authorised officer of the official records department of the institution that originally issued the documents
  • Any academic or administrative staff member located at a Curtin University Campus or Partner Institution
  • A Notary Public
  • An authorised officer associated with a Curtin Singapore Registered Education Agent

Documents that have been certified by yourself or your immediate family, even if you or your immediate family belong to one of the categories listed above, will NOT be accepted.

International and overseas qualifications not issued in English

If the original document is not issued in English, an official translation from a recognised translation service listed below must also be provided:

  • The Awarding institution
  • A Notary Public Office
  • The official Government body
  • An official and accredited translator*

*Official translations are subject to review by Curtin University.

Students may be required to provide further supporting documentation.

If you have queries regarding the Scanned Documents and Certification Requirements and Guidelines, please email the Admissions Office.