PhD applicants

The steps below outline how to submit your application for the PhD program.

Step 1: Prepare a research proposal

The merit of your postgraduate research will be judged on your proposal.

It should:

  • state your research topic
  • outline your research plan and objectives
  • show you have sufficient experience and knowledge in the area
  • demonstrate your research is significant and ethical
  • be accompanied by any cited references.

Here are our recommendations on how to structure your research proposal.

Your proposal should be two pages long, with your references listed on an additional page. We recommend you include the following sections:

Introduction: Provide a brief overview of your proposal describing the research topic in general.

Background and literature review: Show the theoretical basis of your proposed research, describing what has already been written about this topic, why the topic is important and why it is worth researching.

Aims and objectives: Describe what you intend to accomplish and which questions your research will address.

Methodology: Refer to an accepted research method, and explain how you will conduct your research and address your objectives. Include details on how the information will be gathered, analysed and reported, and specify any special equipment, software, data or other resources required.

Timeline: Indicate a realistic deadline for each phase of your research.

References: Include any references related to your proposal using a recognised and appropriate international standard of referencing.


Step 2: Apply

Submit your online application here at least 2 months before the intake commencement.

During the application submission process on the application portal, you will also need to submit your research proposal, CV, electronic copies of your academic certificates and transcripts, with grading system descriptions, and identification documents (e.g. NRIC, working pass, passport).

Step 3: Find a research supervisor

After submitting your online application, the Curtin Singapore Director of Graduate Research (DGR) will assess your suitability to proceed with the next phase of the application process.

At the same time, you may search for a research supervisor here and inform Curtin Singapore your preferred supervisor during the next application phase.  If you cannot find a suitable supervisor, please contact Curtin Singapore Research for advice.