EduTrust is the quality assurance framework that is designed to differentiate the high quality education providers from within Singapore’s private education industry.

Curtin Singapore is proud to be amongst the first batch of Private Education Institutions to be awarded both EduTrust and Enhanced Registration by the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

The EduTrust framework comprises of six major components:

  • Management commitment and responsibilities
  • Corporate governance and administration
  • External recruitment agents
  • Student protection and support services
  • Academic processes and assessment of students
  • Quality assurance, monitoring and results

Private schools that seek EduTrust accreditation must satisfy several critical requirements before receiving final accreditation, including:

  • Credit rating
  • Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)
  • Implementation of Fee Protection Scheme
  • Provision of medical insurance
  • Fulfilling all EduTrust terms and conditions

Curtin Singapore recognises the importance of the EduTrust framework and all legislations enacted by the Committee for Private Education. The framework will serve to greatly enhance Singapore’s reputation as an excellent provider of private education while protecting the interests of both local and international students in Singapore.

Curtin Singapore fully supports all legislations enacted by the Committee for Private Education.